"We tell love stories. 
Our purpose is to see it and retell it through our images. 
to  artfully and mindfully give couples a visual and tangible way of remembering the most beautiful day of their lives"

On the wedding day, there are so many emotions that can't be found on a regular day. Our biggest hope for what our photos bring to our brides and grooms is that when they look back at their photos, they are able to remember the way that day felt- the love they felt for one another and the excitement for the beginning of the journey of marriage.

If you ask us, seeing the love is the easy part. It's easy to see the way he utterly adores her, and the way she gets bashful when he looks at her, because she knows she is stunning in her beautiful wedding gown. It's easy to see that when he puts his arm around her, she knows he is her protector. There is a unique connection between every bride and groom. 



We are both native Californians who have landed in Sacramento California. We primarily shoot all of the area between Tahoe and San Francisco, but we have a love for traveling beyond, and we never know where our wedding work will take us.  

Dana thoroughly enjoys any and all cut flowers, a glass of bubbly, tall trees and the shoreline landscape. Scott loves craft beer, museums, going to the movies, and a big cabernet. We both love quality thrift store finds and a road trip (or boat/plane/train trip!) to just about anywhere. We have found ourselves living a life that reminds us daily to be grateful. He has truly blessed us beyond measure. 

We love each other, we love photography, and we love working alongside couples who are in love. This love is the core of who we are. 


we believe in:
 the Strength of love
The bond of marriage
and making the best memories
last a lifetime

Meet Scott & Dana

Exploring the beauty in nature is one of our very favorite pass times. When we are in the midst of the raw beauty of the earth, we both feel closest to God. 

If you book us, you learn that there's a line in our contract that reads: "Scott gets a piece of wedding cake." That's all we have to say about this picture.

For us, a day spent in our own four walls is a great day spent. 

LET's GO A's!!

Every day starts with craft coffee of the fresh grounds, pour-over version. Sometimes a couple times a day.... we LOVE that coffee exists.

We do love road trips... long drives with good conversation and his hand on mine. It doesn't matter how long the drive takes, because the company's good.

Oakland A's Baseball!


God's beautiful creation.


Staying IN!

A FEW OF our

What  We  Love

We love finding joy in the exciting times of our life together. We love finding joy in the mundane times of our life together.

"Your life is an occasion. RISE TO IT!"


love and beauty is found everywhere you go looking for it.

- Suzanne Weyn

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